Security Cameras and Access Control

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Procedures for Security Cameras and Access Control

  • Initial request is made to campus police after FUNDING IS IN PLACE to back the project. 
  • Once campus police looks at the project and approves to move forward, for proposal (quote) purposes only, the request will be sent to IT.
  • IT will verify space and bandwidth capacity in the location(s) and notify campus police if they can move forward.
  • Campus police will work with a vendor to design an approved camera layout or door system and get a quote.
  • Quote will be reviewed by IT prior to creating PO.
  • Campus police and IT will review and approve installation prior to payment.
  • Access to view the security camera or door access control system should be strictly limited to authorized personnel for security purposes only. Any requests for access must be approved by the campus police department

Installation Guidelines

  • IT will designate the rack area for a DVR per building, if room is not available the IT infrastructure vendor will have to quote for additional space.
  • Connection to SE network will be for monitoring purposes only, and not to forward camera traffic to another DVR.
  • Vendor will provide yellow CAT6 network runs to camera locations that do not have a 25-year building warranty.  Buildings with 25-year warranties will require the IT infrastructure vendor to install all additional camera system infrastructure needs.
    • If SE has pre-run system drops certified under CommScope, a yellow patch cable will be used to link the camera to the DVR.
  • If there is a need for a UPS, the department can request a quote from IT.  Vendors are not to use the UPS powering the switch(es).  These UPS’ are specifically sized to the network environment.
    • If there is available UPS power, IT may allow the connection of the DVR upon review.
  • Special requests must be approved by IT. (i.e. Using fiber for connecting DVRs between floors.)
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