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This article explains how to download and install Microsoft Teams in Windows 10.


Follow the steps below to download and install Microsoft Teams for Windows 10.

  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • Sign in using your SE email and password
  • The Microsoft Teams web application will launch.
  • Click the ellipsis (…) in the top right of the browser window and select Download the desktop app
  • Once the download completes, run the installer.
  • Sign in using your SE email and password.
  • ..and that’s it! Microsoft Teams is now installed on your device.

Microsoft Teams QuickStart Guide

Click here to view the Microsoft Teams QuickStart Guide. This guide provides an overview of the features and details how to navigate around the Teams app.

Faculty/Staff Departmental Files

If your primary use of Teams are for it’s departmental file storage (legacy S: drive), we recommend following this guide to create a shortcut from the Teams files into your OneDrive. Once the shortcut has been created, you will no longer need to open or use the Teams client to access your departmental files. This creates a convenient single location to access all of your files stored in the cloud!

More Information on Teams

For more information on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft provides in-depth training videos that will allow you to learn at your own pace. Click here to get started!

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